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Can Outdoor Signs Really Impact Your Business?

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Wondering if outdoor signs have any impact on your business?

The answer is a resounding yes!

The right outdoor sign can increase revenue, while the wrong one, or lack of an outdoor sign, can negatively impact traffic and ultimately sales. 

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s take a quick look at some documented stats. 

The Sign Research Foundation has many documented studies showing the impact of outdoor signs, including their On-Premise Sign Research Review. The study showed that 61% of American consumers couldn’t find a business due to poor outdoor signage. From a company standpoint, 60% of businesses reported that they realized an increase in sales of 10% or more when they added new outdoor signs or update an existing outdoor sign.

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Another body of research was the well-known University of Cincinnati study, Consumer Perceptions in Retail Signage, which was a four-year study that yielded many compelling stats, including:


- 54% of shoppers say they have driven by and failed to find a business because the sign was too small or unclear. 


- 33% of shoppers say they have been drawn into unfamiliar stores based on the quality of their signs. 


- Two out of five shoppers say they have made quality assumptions about a business based on whether that company has clear and attractive signs.


How to Get Started With Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs can go a long way to promote your business and increase awareness. When choosing a sign design, there are many factors to consider to ensure you capture the interest of your potential customers. When you work with a professional sign company like Firebolt, you can be assured that our expert designers and production staff will collaborate to deliver a sign that will spark engagement with your customers.

The Firebolt team fuses quality and technology with its cutting-edge LED signs and digital display products. We offer fully customizable designs and promise to deliver and install high-quality signage to make your business stand out. Our team has over 27 years of experience designing and implementing signs across the United States. 

Firebolt recently earned the Platinum Top 1% Ecovadis rating.

Platinum 2020 Ecovadis Sustainability Rating

To learn more about Firebolt's outdoor signs, contact us.