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From local restaurants to high-rise office buildings, businesses of all types and sizes require wayfinding signage. Wayfinding allows visitors, customers, and guests to travel from Point A to point B easily and on their first attempt, without getting lost or making frequent stops to ask for directions.

Depending on the size of the facility, traditional static LED illuminated wayfinding signs are essential for a quick glance and identification of where your guests need to go throughout the building. These signs should complement the existing design of the building space which will accentuate and support the brand experience. The verbiage and graphics should point out direction using common identifiable words and arrows to simplify their navigation throughout the building space.

In today’s modern digital world, there are several new digital and interactive wayfinding systems that can be complementary to static LED illuminated signs and improve the experience of your guests. With digital signage, information can be updated instantly and provide more detailed information on how to get to  a particular destination. It can also showcase personalized signage for special events and marketing.

Another added bonus of interactive digital signage is to further engage with your guests through their smart devices. QR codes and Mobile apps can be paired with signage to help give your visitors the information they need when they aren’t near the interactive touchscreens.

Our design team and sales personnel have years of experience with wayfinding programs and can use their expertise to guide you in choosing the right system for your needs. Reach out to us for more information.